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Areas of Expertise

Infidelity investigations

Are you worried about your husband, wife or partner?

Are you seeing signs of infidelity?
Are you concerned your fiance may be unfaithful?

Are you suspicious about someone you’ve met through online dating?

Is it easier to ignore your niggling suspicions than face a potentially terrible truth? Or does ignoring your suspicions only make it worse?

Knowing the truth really can give you peace of mind and the freedom to make decisions and move on. It isn’t always easy, especially when family is involved – but knowing the facts is easier than wrestling with doubts and imaginings.

If your partner is cheating I WILL catch them through covert surveillance and provide you with evidence of their infidelity. In some cases I also discover that your partner is NOT cheating, and I am able to set your mind at ease.

Missing persons

There are many types of missing persons investigations and many reasons for a client to require the location of a missing person.

Missing persons go missing for a wide variety of reasons. Family dispute, misunderstandings, for revenge or spite, to avoid court proceedings or prosecution, fear for their safety, or mental illness.

Missing persons may be avoiding being found for many reasons; financial, emotional, legal, or psychological. Or they may have disappeared simply because of the passage of time.

Some of the reasons clients may want to locate a missing person include debt recovery, to attend court proceedings, to trace family members or identify birth parents, to rekindle old friendships, resolve misunderstandings, to co-ordinate a reunion or bequeath an estate.

No matter your reason for needing to locate missing persons, IBF Investigations can provide you with expertise in these matters and assist you in your search.


Covert surveillance is often one of the “best practices” of the investigation industry.

Covert often provides the most effective evidence and results for your case.

Specialist surveillance equipment, electronics and photography play a major role in providing surveillance services.

Whether verifying the validity of a work place compensation claim, monitoring a warehouse activity, or obtaining information on your spouse's whereabouts, surveillance is often the best and sometimes the only solution. It can also provide some of the strongest evidence in court cases.

IBF Investigations provides covert surveillance services whilst maintaining a high standard of ethics and always operating within the boundaries of the law. This ensures optimum results without compromising the case.

I can provide:

  • Long Range Surveillance
  • Short Range Surveillance

Debt Collection Services

IBF locates personal, commercial and corporate debts. The reason that I will recover your debt is; unlike large debt recovery companies, I don't send out love mail I go on the principle for a face to face meeting with your debtors.

Before acting on behalf of your business I make sure that I am fully briefed on whether or not you wish to trade with your debtors again, as this sometimes has a favourable outcome for clients.

Infidelity investigations - case study

Infidelity investigations usually offer a means of closure for the partners. IBF Investigations has worked on many infidelity cases and provided evidence of infidelity, enabling the client to make an informed decision.

Performing an in depth brief with the client to obtain as much relevant detail on the partner as possible, is always a good starting point. The more the agent is informed about the person’s work place,  friends and social points the easier it is to build a back ground profile to assist with covert surveillance.

As a professional investigation firm based in Adelaide and working throughout Australia I am only interested in the facts and deliver our client objective evidence to either confirm or dispel their suspicions.

  • Unfaithful Fiancé

A client approached me because he was concerned that his fiancé whom he was due to marry in eight months, was being unfaithful. After a period of surveillance I was able to obtain evidence of his fiancé involved in not one but several ‘close encounters’ with other men over a period of several weeks.

After the client confronted her with the evidence she admitted that she was feeling uncertain she was ready to commit, and so they parted ways, saving them from a likely divorce.

  • Cheating Spouse?

A client came to me convinced her husband was cheating on her. He was taking several interstate trips with work and staying extra days and he had also developed a recent ritual of Sunday golf “all day”, apparently with mates from work.

A period of surveillance in both states revealed that  the husband was in fact not having an affair at all. He was indeed playing golf, in both states. However his Sunday golfing rounds were not with mates but on his own. After the client questioned her husband as to why he was spending so much time away from home playing golf, he revealed he was indeed feeling troubled in their relationship and the couple later proceeded with marriage counseling.

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