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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. How do I know if surveillance and the services of a private investigator is right for my situation?
A.IBF Investigations will always discuss your requirements with you in detail to determine what courses of action are available to you. If we determine that a private investigation is indeed the most appropriate course of action then we will proceed from there. IBF Investigations will not take your case if we feel my services are not appropriate for your situation. However when we do take your case, we will do my utmost to provide you with the evidence your require by employing state of the art equipment and utilising a wide range of investigative techniques suitable for your case.

Q. I’m unsure about hiring a Private Investigator, will my case remain secret?
A. YES, at IBF investigations I respect the sensitive nature of your inquiry. My investigations are undertaken with utmost discretion and your identity remains confidential.

Q. Do Private Investigators have to be licensed?
A. YES, all investigators must be fully licensed under the state Act and Legislation in which they operate. If an investigator operates within multiple states then they must have a separate license of operation for each state.

Q. Can the information received from the Investigation be used in court?
A. YES, if necessary IBF Investigations can provide statements, reports, video footage and photographic evidence for court related matters. During investigations it is very important that all information obtained has been done so legally and confidentially. IBF Investigations will always obtain information via ethical and lawful means through proper channels so ensure you receive the best possible outcome.

Q. How much will it cost?
A. IBF Investigations fees are usually based on either an hourly rate or a fixed quote for some specialist cases. On some occasions, investigations may also incur travel costs and any additional expenses which are unique to your case. Regardless of the case, we aim to provide excellent service at competitive rates. We are a small firm which enables me to provide a very personalised service at a competitive rate because we don’t need to pass on the the costs incurred by larger organisations.

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